We specialize in providing a wide variety of items most useful to greenhouse growers–from

complete shade structures, greenhouse packages, frames, coverings, heating/cooling

systems, to replacement items.

Shade Structures – – We distribute Poly-Tex shade structures. They are available in 20’ X

20’ blocks and are 10’ high. They have 2-1/2”-diameter X 12-gauge vertical posts, and the

shade cloth panels are available in shade factors from 30% to 90%.

High Tunnels – Poly-Tex has gable-style and gothic-style high tunnels, 20’, 24’, or 30’ wide.

The structures come with manual roll-up sidewall vents and hardware for framing in the

endwalls. Contact us for pricing.

Commercial Greenhouses Poly-Tex produces free-standing and gutter-connected models

with widths ranging from 14’ up to 30’. Poly-Tex offers Poly-Vent sidewall venting which is an

option to roll-up sides. The Poly-Vent opens from the top down and can be opened partially.

The Wiggle Wire poly fastening system is used to secure poly film or shade cloth.

Backyard Greenhouses Poly-Tex has several inexpensive models for backyard applications

which are available in widths of 6’ and 8’. The lengths start at 6’ and go up to 20’.

Please contact us for additional information and quotations for the type of structure that will

handle your needs.

Poly Film – Available in overwintering, one- and four-year grades for clear and white film,

with thicknesses of 4-mil. and 6-mil. and in widths of up to 48’. Special four-year grades are

available for anti-condensation and IR-absorption features.

4-Year, 6-Mil., Clear Poly Film Per 1000 Square Feet $112.36

(Contact us for a quotation on other grades.)

Woven Poly Film – A six-year woven, coated poly film, with IR/AC additives in Solarig 172,

and extra strength for tear resistance. Contact us for pricing.

Solarrig 172, Standard widths are 8’,9’8”, 24’, 28’, 32’, 42, and 48’

Solarrig 140, Standard widths are 6’, 8’,13’, 24’, 28’, 32’, 42’, and 48’

Poly Film Locking Systems – The Wiggle Wire poly film fastener system is an economical

and effective approach for securing single- or double-layer poly film. The system consists of a

base extrusion that can be fastened to wood or steel and will form over arches, and wiggle

wire that fits into the base and holds the poly film in place for the sides and gable arches. The

system holds the poly film firmly in place without pinching or weakening the film.

Wiggle Wire Base 8’ 11”-Long Each 7.95

Wiggle Wire 6’-Long Each 1.96

Poly Film Roll-Up Clips – For securing poly film to the tube for side roll-up systems. Each: $1.25

Inflation Units – For inflating double poly film greenhouses consisting of 148-cfm blowers

and 4’-long hose, inlet screen, and 8’-long cord.

Inflation Unit With All Components $150.00

Double Inflation Unit for Inflating Two Sections $166.80

Outside Air Kit $32.40

Jumper Kit $25.20

Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheeting – Green-Tek Verolite twinwall sheets are available in 6-

mm. and 8-mm. thicknesses and are protected from degradation effects of UV radiation.

Verolite is one of the heaviest gauge sheetings to provide increased strength and hail

protection. Widths of 48” and 72” are available.

6-mm. Per Square Foot $1.26

8-mm. Per Square Foot $1.51

(Crating charge is $9.00 per linear foot. Minimum charge is $54.00.)

(Polycarbonate extrusions are available for joining sheets and capping tops in vertical

installations. Screws, washers, sealing tape, and sealant are available for securing the sheeting.)

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheeting – Green-Tek Green-Lite corrugated polycarbonate

sheeting provides condensation control and contains UV inhibitors to prevent degradation.

Sheets are 50” wide and up to 36’ long and will bend into a 13’ minimum radius. Sheets are

.031” thick. Per Square Foot $1.06

(Crating charge is $9.00 per linear foot. Minimum charge is $54.00.)

(Foam closure strips, screws, washers, and sealant are available for securing the sheeting.)

Ventilation/Cooling Systems – Can be as simple as an exhaust fan and shutters, and

supplemental roof vents or as complex as automatic roof vents, high-pressure mist, positivepressure

cooling, or water-conserving evaporative cooling pad systems. Portable

evaporative coolers are also available. We will assist you in choosing the best system for

your greenhouse.

Heating Systems – Heating requirements vary significantly, depending upon the size of the

greenhouse and the part of the country in which it is constructed. Several options are

available–from electric, natural gas, or liquid propane heat sources. A complete package can

be provided to meet specific needs.

Schaefer Plant-Air Circulation Fans – The fans are hung within the greenhouse and used to

provide gentle air flow when no other fans are operating and to distribute the heat from

heaters on cold nights. These fans are being used quite extensively in place of fan jets.

12” Diameter, 1470-CFM, 1/10-HP, 115-V/230V $135.00

Thermostat and Temperature Controllers – Available for one-stage heating or cooling for

small greenhouses or units that provide several stages of cooling and heating control for

greenhouses with several bays.

Bench Heating Systems – Electric-tape, heat mats, and hot water tube heating systems are

available as follows:

Agritape Bench Heating Systems – Agritape root zone heaters provide plants with essential heat at

a fraction of the cost of conventional convective heating. Comes in 11” widths and several widths can

be connected to match the bench width. Controllers will handle 80’ or 120’ of tape. Contact us for a


Hydrofarm Jump Start Seedling Heat Mats – Provide bottom heating to improve germination,

rooting and plant growth.

20” x 48” Seedling Heat Mat $52.69

21” x 60” Seedling Heat Mat $86.82

Heat Mat Thermostat – will control up to 4 heat mats $27.26

TrueLeaf “Benchwarmer” Bench Heating Kits – Makes use of a conventional water heater and

provides the tubing, fittings, valve, pump, and temperature control needed to give you the bench

heating you desire.

(Contact us for a quotation on either or both systems.)

Bench Systems:

Agri of Virginia Plastic Bench Tops with Fiberglass Frames and PVC Legs – The tops are made

of strong and durable plastic sections that interlock for easy assembly. Easy to clean and disinfect.

18” X 36” Sections $8.35

24” X 48” Sections $12.90

(The complete system–bench top, frame, and legs–is available in many sizes. Contact us for a


Benchmaster Heavy-Duty Plastic Benches – Molded from high-density, UV-stabilized resins, which

are extremely durable and will provide heavy-duty service for many years. Benches are available in

several sizes with various leg heights. Contact us for a quotation for your specific needs.

Agra Tech Steel Benches with Rolling or Stationary Tops – Agra Tech benches are constructed of

galvanized steel legs and frames and have hot-dip galvanized, expanded metal tops . The expanded

metal panels are fastened to the frame and the side trim provides an edge that is free of rough edges.

The rolling benches have anti-tip retainers and allow wider aisles to allow better access for workers

and carts. Benches can be designed for ebb-and-flow watering, also. Contact us for a quotation.

Greenhouse Accessories:

Foam Closure Strips for use with Corrugated Polycarbonate:

Horizontal (corrugated) Closure Strips 39” Long  $.82

Vertical (flat) Closure Strips 39” Long  $1.18

Convection Tubes for Convection Heating Fan Units – UV-treated 4-mil. or 6-mil. poly tubes in

various diameters and various hole positioning. Contact us for a quotation.

Evaporative Cooling Pads – 4”- and 6”-thick pads are available in 12” widths and in several heights.

Pads are also available with algae-resistant coatings to extend their life.

Fasteners – For use with corrugated and twinwall polycarbonate sheeting:

1” #12 Woodgrip Screw with Neoprene-Backed Washer 100/Box $27.50

2” #12 Woodgrip Screw with Neoprene-Backed Washer 100/Box $31.25

1” #12 Hex-Head,Self-Drilling Screws w/Neo.-Backed Washer 100/Box $23.76

1” 0.D. X .” I.D. Neoprene-Backed Washers (While supply lasts) 100/Bag $11.50

Poly Film Anti-Drip Spray Coating – A spray coating for plastic, glass or metal to produce an antidrip surface.

1 Quart (covers 5,000 to 10,000 Sq. Ft.) $57.12

1 Gallon (covers 20,000 to 40,000 Sq. Ft.) $264.00

Poly Film Zippers – Use 7’-long zippers with peel-and-stick adhesive backing to provide easy access

to cold frame or poly greenhouses. Each: $12.50

Poly Film Repair Tape – Ideal for repair of rips or holes in poly film.

2” Wide X 48’-Long Roll (While supply lasts)  $7.50

2” Wide X 100’-Long Roll $10.72

4” Wide X 100’-Long Roll $21.54

6” Wide X 100’-Long Roll $32.15

Poly Film Protection Tape – Used to cover pipe, metal surfaces, or rough edges which would come

in contact with poly film and cause premature deterioration.

1.” Wide X 40’-Long Roll $16.20

Manual Hand Crank Kit – An inexpensive, effective way to provide roll-up sides. Consists of a hand

crank,straight-guide tube, and bracket (The tube that runs the length of the greenhouse is not

included, but can be ordered separately.) 1 Kit $99.00

Roll-up clips (to attach poly film to 1.315” diameter tube) $1.25

Roll-up clips (to attach poly film to 1.0” diameter tube) $1.40

Watering Accessories:

Dramm 1000 “Redhead” Water Breaker provides a soft flow of water for your plants. $15.50

24” Extension Arm made of lightweight aluminum. $11.80

Brass Shut-Off Valve with hose threads $19.70

Brass Seedling Nozzle $11.00

Fertilizer Injectors and Filter Kits – Dosation fertilizer injectors with flow rates of up to 11 gpm, 20

gpm, and 40 gpm are available with the appropriate filters. Please call for pricing.

Replacement Components – Motors for exhaust fans, circulation fans, shutters and dampers (made

by Quietaire, Schaefer, Aero Tech or Acme) can be provided. Contact us for your specific needs.