Soil Test Kits – Provide more than 160 tests for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and pH.

For field or greenhouse use. $151.20

PH MetersPocket-size, waterproof meters that check soil and water samples with ease. $122.40

Light Meters – Measure foot candles or Lux in four ranges, up to 20,000. $198.00

Soil Moisture Testers – Instant results are shown on the analog meters from 0 (bone dry) to

10 (saturated). Measure any type of soil.

9” Tester $134.40

24” Tester $146.40

Soil Thermometers – Easy-to-read digital pocket thermometer with .” LCD numerals. The

stem is 5-1/2” and has a range of -58º F. to 302º F. Each $16.50

Min-Max Thermometers – Indicate the high and low temperatures since previous setting.

Can measure temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.

Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter with Remote Sensor $29.52

Temperature Monitoring Systems – Monitor your greenhouse to detect power failures and

temperature extremes. If a problem occurs, the unit will trigger the dialing of up to four phone

numbers and will continue dialing until a number is answered. The unit can be called to verify

the status of monitored conditions.

1 Sensaphone 400 $516.00

1 Thermalarm III Sensor (used in conjunction with the Sensaphone 1104) $73.80