Anti-Virus Insect Screening – Compatible with greenhouse fan ventilation systems and

inhibits whiteflies and other insects. Has a service life of greater than three seasons.

Standard widths and square-foot pricing are as follows:

Green-Tek Opti50,

0.78mm X 0.25mm hole size, 39”, 78”, 137”, 157”,  $.290

And 196” Widths

Dubois ProtekNet

25 gr., .35mm X .35mm hole size, 6.9’, 10’, 14’ and 21’ Widths,  $.099

all 328’ long rolls

Insect Screening – A type of screen that keeps out medium to large-sized insects. Not suited

for whitefly or thrip control. Works great for greenhouses with roll-up sides. Standard widths

and square-foot pricing are as follows

PAK 25 Mesh , 0.75mm X 1.22mm hole size, 13’ 1” Width  $.228

Green-Tek, 17 Mesh, 1.20 X 1.20mm hole size, 11.5’ Width  $.175

Dubois ProtekNet 70 gr., .60mm X .1.0mm hole size, 6.6’, and 13’ Widths, all 328’  long rolls. $.111

Dubois ProtekNet 60 gr., .95mm X 1.9mm hole size, 6.6’, 13’, 20’ and 26’ Widths, 328’ long rolls. all $.090


Made of UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene yarns which are knitted into a design that

provides a ruggedly strong and rip-resistant fabric.

PAK Unlimited Anti-Hail Netting – Also protects against “rice” hail. Can be fabricated with

tape and grommets.

Black, 26’ 1” X 100’ t $270.00